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Bin Parei

Va BIN PAREI in the Piedmontese language means okay So and it is a very common saying.
Bin Parei is what the customer wants to hear when asking for the discount; Bin Parei is what the graphic designer wants to hear when he presents the first draft :-)!

Bin Parei is Paola Balestra’s sole proprietorship.
My professional training in the field of advertising graphics dates back to the times when only squares, rulers, pencils, rapidographs, airbrushes were used … in short, the computer was not yet in common use, but do not panic: in the following years between training courses and work I got updated.
I worked in some small agencies in my city as a creative graphic designer and executive, I collaborated for several years with a publishing house as a layout and creative, and from 2010 to 2017 I was the art director of BOH! creative agency with registered office in Milan.

Since February 2018 I have opened Bin Parei, in the middle of the journey of my life I became a client of the revenue agency. I collaborate with professionals in the field of programming, web and photography and this is how Bin Parei can offer integrated communication services for both print and web.

I love the minimalist graphic style, I like advertising that uses irony, I love the Helvetica font and I believe that there is no need to induce consumption through subliminal images of sex and power.

The offer of graphic services is extended to the entire Italian territory remotely.
For information, advice and quotes do not hesitate to contact me.